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Vigo Technology is one of Mumbai’s reputed IT Security Survellience solution provider companies. Our team of experts is well equipped. We use all the latest technologies to provide reliable installation and maintenance services. We survey your location and then design, implement a custom security plan for your premises. When we meet your safety needs, you can live or work comfortably. We are one of the best CCTV camera installation companies in Mumbai

Access Control System


Secure your home and office with the access control system. It’s the Smart Way to ensure security for your premises.

Surveillance System


Secure your home and office with the CCTV Surveillance system and monitor your premises sitting any where in world.

Fire Alarm System


Secure your home and office with the Fire Alarm System. Get your property secured from fire hazards with fire alarm systems and solutions.

Public Address System


Get the best Public Address system solution from us. We have the new technology and solution for Public Address Systems.

Voice Solution System


Voice solution is one of the most important parts of the business. Get the best voice solution system from us to build good client relationships.

Fiber Network Solution


Internet over fiber makes a difference in the Network. Be it Enterprise or Small office, we have the best installation service for Fiber networking.

Structured Cabling


Structured Cabling is the backbone of any office. We built custom designs and solutions for your network with our expertise in structured cabling.

IT Infrastructure


Be it any business, IT infrastructure setup is required to be able to function, operate and deliver. We help with a range of IT infrastructure setup services.

Board Room Solution


Board Room is the important area for the business and we help you with latest Board room solution customized for your business requirement










Survellience System Integrator

With revolutionary concepts and solutions in the fields of CCTV, Surveillance Systems, Access Control systems, Fire Alarm systems, and PA Systems, Vigo Technology has always been a leader in changing the technological scenarios in Mumbai, India, and other cities and states in India for Residential and Commercial hubs.

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Best Solution Provider

Customer Support

Vigo Technology has a proven track record in giving solutions to customers in complex situations and supporting customers across India.

Always Reliable Installation

Vigo Technology provides reliable installation services for all services helping organizations & individuals in getting freedom from worries of their Assets and Human Life’s Security.

Industry Leading Experience

Our Team has 24+ Years of experience in various domains of IT,  Voice, Video, Data & Security solutions, Telecommunication, Surveillance & System Integration, while guiding the solution team in designing the right solution for our customers.

One Stop Security Solutions

Industries We Serve

Our industry solutions expertise allows your business to streamline the workflow, and increase the productivity of the business. No matter you are in what type of business, Vigo Technology helps you with industry-compliant security and IT solutions, customized to your specific requirement.

Residential Building

CCTV Installation service for Residential Buildings in Mumbai, India

Commercial Building

CCTV Installation service for Commercial Buildings and offices in Mumbai, India


CCTV Installation service for warehouse building in Mumbai, India


CCTV Installation service for Shops, Stores and Malls in Mumbai, India

Factories & Industries

CCTV Installation service for Factories and Industrial Buildings in Mumbai, India

Hotels & Restaurants

CCTV Installation service for Hotels and Restaurants in Mumbai, India

Hospitals & Clinics

CCTV Installation service for Hospitals and Clinics in Mumbai, India

Schools & Colleges

CCTV Installation service for Schools and Colleges in Mumbai, India

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